In conducting our business, we value:


People are important. Treating everyone with dignity and respect. Operating with trust, openness, and teamwork.


Building and sustaining a high performance culture. Achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities. Working toward win-win relationships by focusing on the creation of values for all parties.


Telling the truth. Ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do.


A commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility and our communities. Protecting our financial and physical assets and, most importantly, our reputation.


Having the courage, creativity and discipline to embrace change and shape the future.

Effective Communications

Seeking first to understand, then to be understood. Listening!

We will be successful when

Our customers and suppliers benefit from their business relationships with us.

Our communities value our citizenship.

Our employees start each day with a sense of purpose and end each day safely with a sense of accomplishment.

Our investors realize a superior return on their investment.