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Our Mission

To be the premier independent food distributor in our markets; and to be recognized as such by our customers, our vendors, our competitors, and our associates.

What we do

For Customers

We provide customized distribution solutions for delis, bakeries, markets and foodservice operations. We source, market and distribute over 7,000 products to 1,200 customer locations in nine states.

For Suppliers

We solve logistics, marketing and distribution problems for over 400 regional and national vendor partners.

For Distributors

We provide pre-distribution services to foodservice, bakery, and deli distributors. Since 1994, we have acquired ten family-owned distributors, helping the former owners of these companies to achieve their financial and liquidity goals.

Our Roots

Behrhorst and Crawford, Ltd. traces its roots to Henry Behrhorst, who began a food distribution business in 1885. He sold cheese from a horse and wagon to Pittsburgh retailers. In 1938, the company shifted its focus from grocery stores to a new market: the foodservice industry. Under the leadership of Lee Behrhorst and Jim Crawford, the company grew rapidly in the 70s and 80s to become the largest foodservice distributor in the region. In 1987, we sold our foodservice distribution business (H.F. Behrhorst & Son, Inc.) to Kraft Foodservice. Today, BCL is organized into three distribution operations: Pennsylvania, Virginia and Multi-Unit Solutions. Become a part of our family!

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